Stuart FL Hair Salon Tips for Dry Hair

•    If you notice your hair is lifeless or lacks shine it could be a sign of a protein deficiency or a breakdown of cells deep inside the hair structure.  Using a super hydrating shampoo and conditioner on a daily basis will help to keep your hair moisturized and healthy. Our Stuart FL hair salon recommends Framesi BY Lava Sulfate Free Shampoo.  This sulfate free shampoo gently cleanses and moisturizes your hair, and contains vitamins and proteins that will leave your hair shiny and healthy.  Framesi BY Lava Masque is an excellent option for conditioner.  This intense treatment will restructure and rebuild damaged hair.
•    If your hair tends to be on the dry side, you can use a daily leave in conditioner.   A leave in conditioner is a lightweight product that will add additional moisture and protection to your hair.  Our staff at Lolly G's recommends Biogenol Leave-in Conditioner by Framesi.  This lightweight conditioner is enriched with vitamins, and vegetable proteins that penetrate deep into the hair, giving it moisture, body and shine.
•    If your hair is super fine or thin, only use a conditioner on the mid shaft and the ends of your hair.  Avoid the roots.  This will keep your hair from becoming weighed down with product. 
Schedule an appointment with one of the professional stylists at our Stuart FL hair salon.  We will be happy to share additional tips to restore your hair's health and shine.  We look forward to meeting you soon!