Stuart FL Hair Salon Blow Dryer Tips



•    When blow drying your hair, it is important to hold the dryer above your head and point the airstream downward.  This will keep your hair from tangling and will also give you a smoother style.
•    Use the coolest setting possible.  High heat from the blow dryer can damage your hair cuticle contribute to frizz, but using cool air will have the opposite effect.  Cool air will seal the cuticle making your hair shiny and less frizzy.
•    The stylists at our Stuart FL hair salon recommend that you take a break from the blow dryer and allow your hair to air dry naturally as often as you can.  Blow dryers can be amazing time savers, but when used every day, they can take their toll on your hair.


Make an appointment at Lolly G's Hair Salon in Stuart FL hair salon to learn more.  We will be happy to share additional tips to ensure that your hair stays beautiful and healthy!