Salon Tips for Frizz Free Hair



You can tell when winter has officially arrived when you start seeing static in your hair.  Dry air outside combined with dry indoor heat can create the perfect atmosphere for static to thrive.     While we’ve heard people recommend rubbing  Bounce dryer sheets on your hair to remove static, we’ve got a few tips that are slightly more conventional and guaranteed to reduce those fly-aways.

Switching to a natural bristle hair brush, such as a boar bristle brush,  is one way to reduce static electricity in your hair.  A boar bristle brush is one of the highest quality brush options on the market, and it works wonders for distributing your hair’s natural oils, adding shine, as well as reducing frizz.

Smoothing your hair with a little Argan Oil from Framesi's Hair Treatment line can also combat frizz and fly aways.   Argan Oil will also give your hair an intense moisture and nourishment boost and protect against light-induced aging. 

A final tip for keeping static at bay is to choose styling products that do not contain alcohol.   Alcohol can be very drying to your hair no matter what the season, but especially during the winter months.   Check the ingredient list of your hair spray, styling gel, and other products, and if you see alcohol listed, opt for a different product.  Alcohol drains your hair of precious moisture which then leads to static , frizz, and unruliness.