Ombre Color Stuart FL


You’ve seen it on the tresses of Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel, and other glamorous stars – it’s ombre color, one of the top hair color trends of the year, and it’s available at our Stuart FL hair salon!  
Ombre color is a specialty hair color technique that can instantly transform brunettes from ordinary to wow!   With ombre, the upper portion of your hair remains  a darker color while the tips and lower sections are colored with a lighter shade that gradually softens as it moves upward, gently blending into the darker region.    You can achieve a very subtle look or a more dramatic contrast based on the end result that you want to create.  

Reverse ombre color is another popular trend this year.  As the name suggests, there is a reversal in color placement.  The roots and upper portion of your hair are colored blonde or a lighter color while a darker color at the bottom blends upward into the lighter shade.    

The ombre technique requires the skill and artistry of an experienced hair stylist.   Lolly G’s salon owner, Laurie Greene, is a master colorist with over 20 years of experience and the artistry to create gorgeous specialty hair color effects that will having strangers stopping you on the street to ask where you have your hair done!  Using top of the line Framesi color, you will be amazed and how beautiful your hair can look and feel.

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