Hair Salon Stuart FL: Tips for Fine & Thinning Hair


If you have fine or thin hair, it is easy to become discouraged looking at magazines with hair models that have Rapunzel-like locks.   While fine hair can have its challenges, with the right haircut and the right hair care products, you can have a gorgeous style that will earn compliments as well as give you confidence!

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Choose a shampoo & conditioner that will cleanse your hair without weighing it down.  Many deep moisturizing shampoos and conditioners have very heavy formulas that tend to make fine hair go limp.  Look for oil free products with ingredients that can add moisture without causing your hair to feel heavy. 

framesi shampooFor our Stuart FL hair salon clients with fine hair, we recommend the Framesi Biogenol line of hair care.  Framesi Biogenol Ultra Body Shampoo will build volume and fullness in fine hair as it moisturizes and conditions.  It is specially formulated to penetrate  fine hair and to infuse it with renewed strength and thickness.  

For conditioning, choose Framesi Biogenol Moisture Rinse.  This is a light, daily conditioner for fine hair that won't cause your hair to become flat and lifeless.  It is enriched with vegetable proteins and vitamins to add energy, strength and brilliant shine.  Apply conditioner to the mid-section of your hair down to the ends.  Avoid applying conditioner to the roots and scalp as this can be counterproductive to creating volume.
If your fine hair is accompanied by an oily scalp, washing at least every day or two helps prevent natural oils from building up and causing your hair to become limp.  



The right cut and color can be the life saver for anyone with fine or thin hair.    Thin, fine hair lacks the volume to get away with long styles.  Go for styles that are shoulder length and above.    A few styles that work particularly well for fine or thin hair are:  angled bobs, pixie cuts, and layered styles  with gentle layers that help to frame the face.  When you visit Lolly G's Hair Salon, owner Laurie Greene will consult with you, examine the nature of your hair, and make specific recommendations for the perfect cut to add volume and style!

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Product build-up can weigh fine or thin hair down.   If your hair feels heavy from using too much hairspray or styling products, use a clarifying shampoo to cleanse the strands of your hair.  We suggest Framesi Biogenol Clarifying Shampoo, a gentle deep-cleaning shampoo created from a blend of vitamin-enriched, natural conditioning agents. If your hair has been color-treated, you will love that this shampoo contains a natural anti-oxidant to prevent fading.


Fine and thin hair can easily become damaged by too much heat styling.   Instead of blow drying your hair with high heat, take a break and let your hair air dry naturally.   Always use the lowest temperature possible when heat tools are involved.  Fine hair can be straightened and curled effectively with a much lower temperature than coarse hair.   High temperature irons can lead to damage and breakage.   For adding curls and volume, use large Velcro rollers or use a round brush and a blow dryer to add volume at the roots.  



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