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Looking for a curly hair specialist in Stuart FL?  You've come to the right place.  Lolly G's Salon owner, Laurie Greene has years of experience working with curly hair.   From the perfect cut to all of the right products, she can bring your curls to life!  Because of its delicate structure, curly hair needs to be treated differently than other hair textures.   Deva Curl from our Stuart FL salon is a unique brand of hair care that is created just for curls!  Deva Curl products will nourish and hydrate wavy, curly, and chemically processed hair with formulas that are 100% sulfate, paraben and silicone free.   We will help you select the perfect DevaCurl products to transform your hair!


curly hair products Stuart FL


Deva Curl offers an alternative to shampoos that have harsh lathering ingredients that can dry and strip your hair of moisture.  DevaCurl cleansers have gentle formulas which are sulfate, paraben and silicone free. A rich blend of botanical ingredients will give your curls intense hydration. 

Follow these steps to cleanse your hair and prevent tangles:

  •     Wet hair thoroughly
  •     Next, apply cleanser along fingertips
  •     Massage cleanser into the scalp area
  •     Wash gently without using vigorous scrubbing
  •     Rinse thoroughly


deva curl products


Because of its structure, curly hair needs more moisture than other hair types in order to stay hydrated and frizz free.  Deva Curl One Condition is an amazing conditioner that will provide hydration to your hair without weighing it down.  You can even leave a small amount of this conditioner in your hair after rinsing to provide extra protection.   For our Stuart FL salon clients with a high frizz factor and thick curls, we suggest skipping the rinse.  Just squeeze out the excess water, and your curls will naturally absorb the amount of conditioner that they need and release what they do not.

For best conditioning follow these steps:

  •     Use a generous palmful of DevaCurl One Condition
  •     Glide conditioner downward through the hair with your fingers
  •     Squeeze hair in an upward motion toward the scalp
  •    Listen for a squishy sound which means hydration has been achieved


devacurl curly hair salon products Stuart FL


Normal, over the counter styling products are often not effective for curly hair.  Deva Curl  styling gels are water soluble, alcohol and silicone free and specifically designed for curls. They also contain humectants and nourishing ingredients to protect your hair against outside elements.   You'll enjoy soft, defined, touchable curls with beautiful bounce and shine.

Tips for styling:

  •     After conditioning, use a Deva towel or soft jersey-type material to gently squeeze out excess water. 
  •     Tilt your head, and let your curls fall freely.  Apply DevaCurl Light Defining Gel or Ultra Defining Gel evenly, covering all curls, starting at the ends and moving up towards the scalp
  •     Air-dry or use a blow dryer with a diffuser to dry your curls. Then, use your fingertips to very lightly shake and gently fluff your hair for volume if desired.  


 For the best haircuts & styles as well as the best products for curly hair, make an appointment with our curly hair specialists at Lolly G's  Hair Salon in Stuart FL!  We look forward to meeting you soon!