Best Stuart FL Salon Tips for Hair Color

Follow these tips from Lolly G's Hair Salon in Stuart FL to protect and preserve your hair color!


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After you have made the investment in a gorgeous hair color, you want to make sure that it will remain beautiful long after you leave our Stuart FL hair salon.  While it may be tempting to choose a cheaper drugstore brand of shampoo and conditioner,  you will be disappointed if you go this route.  Cheap shampoos with strong lathering agents have a negative effect on hair color and can cause it to prematurely fade or lose its luster.   Color safe shampoos are the better choice as they are formulated with a special blend of ingredients that promote color retention. 
For our hair salon clients with highlights, permanent color, or semi-permanent hair color, we recommend the Framesi Hair Treatment Line Shampoo for Color Treated Hair.  This is an excellent sulfate free shampoo that helps to prolong hair color.   The formula is enriched with Mediterranean Corallina Officinalis, cationic and silicone conditioners, vitamins, ceramides and thermal protectants to nourish and protect your color during the cleansing process.  Aside from being extremely moisturizing, the formula also contains thermal and UV protectants help maintain hues, leaving your hair rich and vibrant.  

Benefits include:
    Sulfate-free formula will not strip hair color.
    Contains UV and thermal protectants.
    Antioxidants protect hair from environmental stressers and free radical damage.
    Weightless formula will not build up on hair.


In order to preserve the longevity of your hair color, the cuticle of you hair needs to stay closed to keep the color molecules intact.  Heat styling as well as very hot water can cause the hair cuticle to open and can strip the color molecules from your hair.    Always use the lowest setting on your blow dryer and use the lowest temperature possible when using curling irons and flat irons.   After shampooing and conditioning your hair, do a final rinse in very cool water.   

stuart FL beach modelTIP #3:  SHAMPOO LESS FREQUENTLY
Not washing your hair everyday will not only help preserve your hair color, it will also make your hair less dry and add more shine. If possible, shampoo your hair no more than three or four times a week. This will work for most hair types, unless your hair tends to be very oily.  If your hair gets oily easily, use a dry shampoo on days you skip a normal shampoo.

The sun can fade many things, including your hair color.  If you plan to be outdoors for a long period of time, seek the shade or wear a hat to protect your hair color from UV rays and sun damage. Avoid going outdoors with damp hair.  The sun can cause hair color to fade more quickly from damp or wet hair than from hair that is dry.  

Shampooing your hair in hard water or chlorinated water can also cause your hair color to fade. If your water is hard, or if you are a regular swimmer, you can use a clarifying shampoo to remove chlorine after every swim.   We suggest Framesi Biogenol Clarifying Shampoo, a gentle deep-cleaning shampoo created from a blend of vitamin-enriched, natural conditioning agents. This shampoo contains a natural anti-oxidant to prevent fading as it cleanses the chemicals from your hair.



For the best hair care products for color treated hair as well as beautiful Framesi hair color, visit our Stuart FL hair salon today!