Best Fall Hair Style Tips

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Fall is a great time to be a little adventurous!  Inspired by the beautiful color changes in nature, you can try a new hue for your hair as well.   Rich caramel and chestnut,  warm sienna and golden amber tones—color makes a statement and it can bring new life to your style!
If you are a bit nervous about committing to a permanent color, you can test the water by trying a demi-permanent color or a few carefully placed highlights.  Instead of completely opaque coverage, a demi-permanent hair color formula will give your hair a beautiful translucent hue that will gradually fade over time, allowing you to eventually return to your natural color with no need for a root touch-up.  Demi-permanent color formulas allow for a rich multi-tonal effect, and are a perfect option for anyone who is interested in trying hair color for the first time. 


What are the popular hair color shades this season?   Ombre color is one of the most popular fall hair trends.  This beautiful specialty color places a lighter color on the lower sections of your hair that gradually fades into a darker hue at the top.  It’s a perfect look for brunettes who want to a color effect that will turn heads every time!   Other popular colors this season are deep espressos, vibrant reds, platinum blondes,  and even peacock colors in rainbow hues.  The important thing to remember when selecting a color is to choose a shade that will compliment your skin tone.  You will always receive compliments on a color that flatters your complexion and that will add a luminous,  light-reflective quality to your tresses.  And with Framesi professional hair color formulas from Lolly G Salon, you are guaranteed to get amazing results every time!

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One of the most exciting events in the fashion world is the arrival new trends on the fashion runways.    This fall, we are seeing several popular trends:  low ponytails, beautiful braids, and soft waves are among the favorite looks.    Tousled hair and textured blowouts are also popular along with ombre color and balayage highlights.   If you're a curly girl, you'll be excited to know that curls are a hit this year!  


If your face is square shaped,  go for styles that are below your chin or longer.  Stay away from cuts with strong lines, such as blunt bangs or a bob which will emphasize the angular lines of your face.   Instead, go for side-swept bangs, face-framing layers and romantic waves.

If your face is heart-shaped, choose chin length styles that add fullness around the jawline such as a chin-length bob.  Stay away from top-heavy looks, like short boyish cuts or thick bangs.  

For round face shapes, soft asymmetrical styles work beautifully.  Side-swept bangs and a side part will complement your face shape as well as adding height at the crown.

If your face is long, you can help to balance the length by adding lighter color accents and highlights from the temples to jaw area.   Adding layers and volume at the sides will also add width to longer faces.  



Fall is also an excellent time to focus on the health of your hair.   Summer can be a rough season for your tresses…..intense heat from the sun can rob your hair of moisture, leaving it dry and damaged.   Chlorine, salt water, and exposure to the outdoor elements can add to the stress.    The remedy?  A professional trim and a little tender loving care with an intense deep conditioning treatment that will restore nutrients and repair damage.     A trim will remove any damaged or split ends while a deep condioner will add shine, increase manageability, and repair damage.  Our Framesi Morphosis Treatments are specially formulated to target the needs of stressed out hair.  You’ll be amazed at how good your hair will look and feel afterwards.     

Leave in conditioners are also a wonderful way to pamper your hair on a daily basis.  A leave in conditioner is a lightweight product that will add additional moisture and protection to every strand each day.  We recommend Biogenol Leave-in Conditioner by Framesi.  This lightweight conditioner is enriched with vitamins, and vegetable proteins that penetrate deep into the hair, giving it moisture, body and shine.



Nothing adds interest to your hair like a carefully placed hair ornament or stylish accessory.  If your hair style allows, treat yourself to a new decorative hair accessory to add a splash of color or sparkle.


framesi hair color